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"MiniToolRoom your source for precision mini table top machines. Now you don't have to go around the world for mini machines. The very same machines available all over is now available at your doorstep in India. These and other machines are brought to you exclusively by MiniToolRoom."

These mini lathes are very versatile and are a great choice for model makers, experimenters, inventors and just about anyone else who is interested in metal-working or has a need to fabricate small precision parts. These lathes are miniature versions of industrial metal-working lathes and are quite different in design and use than wood-working lathes, but they can certainly be used for shaping wood, plastics and other materials, especially if very accurate dimensions are required.

Some of our customers use these machines to make components such as shafts, bushings, pens etc that are basically cylindrical in shape, also remember the fact that nearly all mechanical and engineering devices rely on components made on a lathe. So if you have interests such as RC cars, planes, boats, helicopters, robotics, microscopy, horology or you are an inventor or just like to repair cars, motorcycles, household fixtures and appliances, a lathe is a great tool to have. Lathes are also used by artisans to make beads, bangles and other items for jewelry.

These and other machines are brought to you exclusively in India by MiniToolRoom.


About Us

Soft-Aid Computers P Ltd was formed in 1989 by Mr. John Thomas with the intention of providing hardware services in the Pune region. Over the years, it has grown to a company providing services all over the world. SCPL is headquartered at Pune, and offers services at Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi.

1) Silver Brazing Machines.

This is a machine that generates Hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis of Distilled water. This is used to Silver braze small electro-mechanical parts.

2) Micro Spot welding machine.

This machine is a capacitive discharge type of micro spot welding machine. This is used for micro spot welding of two different types of materials.

3) Universal Test Jig.

This test Jig is used to test almost all type of print heads, this machine generates a Pulse. This can be used to test print heads when the whole printers are not available for testing print heads.

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